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How I Got Hooked on Fascial Distortion Model

By Mara AbbottOlympian and CTS Contributing Editor I almost never got bodywork as a professional cyclist. Part of that decision was probably financial, but a part of it also came […]

Fascial Distortion Model Unbox

OSHA Responds to APTA by Affirming the PT’s Role in First Aid

When it comes to workplace injury, soft tissue massage is considered first aid for recordkeeping purposes, regardless of whether the health professional providing the treatment holds a certification in Active […]

Being familiar with the uncomfortable…makes you comfortable…with the unfamiliar.

Being familiar with the uncomfortable…makes you comfortable…with the unfamiliar.

Let that sink in a second…

Enhancing Soft Tissue Recovery with the Fascial Distortion Model

Interview with C.Tyrel Hummel, DC
By The American Chiropractor – August 2018

Fascial Distortion Model (FDM) and Spark Motion Team Up

Bethesda, MD – Spark Motion and FDM are excited to announce a strategic partnership to enhance movement literacy. By utilizing the powerful motion capture platform of Spark Motion, providers utilizing FDM will now be able to share meaningful pre- and post-treatment documentation with clients and patients in an powerful and intuitive way.

Total Tissue Restoration

Listen in on a conversation about Total Tissue Restoration. Dr. Hummel is discussing the new technologies responsible for solving the global pandemic of AMR (antimicrobial resistance) with Dr. Kevin Caizley, a consultant […]

Letter from Dr. Stephen Typaldos’s son

NAPLES, FLORIDA, January 31, 2017 – Recently, a group of osteopaths that calls itself the American Fascial Distortion Model Association, or AFDMA, announced they will begin allowing chiropractors and other […]

Jay Ferguson, Xtomic, LLC and Select Seminar Services, LLC (FDM) Victorious

COLORADO SRINGS, July 17, 2015 – After a two-week jury trial and almost 20 months of intense litigation, Jay Ferguson, Xtomic LLC, and Select Seminar Services, LLC (FDM) prevailed against […]

The Aging Athlete: Why Does My Heel Look Like A Swollen Butt Cheek?

by Nicole DeBoom Why does my heel look like a baby’s butt cheek? Could it be because I ignored an injury that may have been treatable a decade ago and […]