Fascial Distortion Model® Canadian Seminars

  • What will I learn at a Fascial Distortion Model Seminar?

    You start with the online FDM Principles Course, included with every seminar. This introduces you to fascia and how the Fascial Distortion Model works. We require that you finish this course prior to attending the hands-on seminar.

    This seminar contains a review of the FDM Principles as well as a basic introduction to the Practice of the Fascial Distortion Model in relation to the Upper or Lower Region of the human body. Here we will fine-tune your knowledge of the basic principles and expose you to the power of correctly identifying and treating Upper or Lower Region complaints as they relate to FDM. Special attention will be emphasized on teaching you how to properly administer the basic manual treatment portion of our model.

    You will have the opportunity to feel what it is like to be treated within the FDM and practice the manual treatment portions in detail with our instructors. Our teaching approach is very interactive and hands-on. Evaluations throughout the seminar on many different aspects of FDM Principles and Practice will be administered by our team. This not only assists in quality control, but will also ensure that you have instant feedback to questions you may have as the seminar progresses.

  • How quickly will I be able to implement Fascial Distortion Model in my practice?

    Once you have completed this seminar you will immediately possess the general knowledge and skill to correctly identify and treat Upper or Lower Region complaints in your office. Your new understanding of what to treat will have an entirely new confidence behind it! As you practice within this Model, your assessment and palpation skills will naturally improve because your identification of why you’re treating a particular area will be directly correlated to how. Your added security will be in the state-of-art online training manual we will provide for you as well as access to our Instructors and communication portals.