FDM™ Lower Region Advanced Clinical Seminars

  • What will I learn in the Lower Region Advanced Clinical seminar?

    This seminar focuses on Advanced FDM treatment applications. Once you have achieved full completion and comprehension of the basic FDM Lower Region Principles you will be eligible to take your clinical FDM skills to the next level.

    Here we will discuss and demonstrate the ‘when and how’ to address the common, complex and unique clinical cases. Adaptations to patient positioning, modifications to hand placement as well as exposing the most-common treatment algorithms for some of the most common cases related to the Lower Region will be covered.

    It is a necessity to possess a full understanding of identification and application of the FDM Principles that were covered in the FDM Lower Region Principles Seminar. Now that you know how to identify and address each of the distortions we can show you how to apply the Model the way it was intended.

  • What type of injuries will I learn to treat?

    You will be able to address the same examples of conditions listed in the FDM Lower Region Principles Seminars, but with a more decisive understanding of specific adaptations in order to obtain even faster and lasting results with your objective based outcomes.

    Upon completing the Advanced Lower Region seminar you will have a better understanding of the clinical FDM approach and will be able to confidently apply our Model to more complex, stubborn and time-sensitive conditions related to Lower Region injuries. Examples of injuries you will learn to treat include: “Low Back Pain, Low Back Sprain/Strains, Abdominal Sprains/Strains, SI Joint Pain, Disc Injuries, Ankle Sprains/Strains, Sever’s Disease, Heel Pain, Plantar Fasciitis, Achilles Tendonitis, Shin Splints, Compartment Syndrome, Knee Pain, Patellar Tendonitis, Osgood Schlatter’s Disease, Hamstring Sprains/Strains and IT Band Syndrome.”

  • How quickly will I be able to implement what I learn in the Lower Region Advanced Clinical seminar in my practice?

    Once you have completed this seminar you will immediately possess the advanced knowledge and skill to correctly identify and treat Lower Region complaints in your office. Your new understanding of what to treat will have an entirely new confidence behind it! As you practice within this Model, your assessment and palpation skills will naturally improve because your identification of why you’re treating a particular area will be directly correlated to how. Your added security will be in the state-of-art online training manual we provide for you as well as access to our Instructors and communication portals.