Mark A. Hinton MS, ATC/L, FR, FDM

My name is Mark Hinton, I am an athletic trainer that has been in practice for 11 years.  I am currently working in a track and field setting.  I have been working with high caliber and elite athletes for seven years which has allowed me to develop a very wide range of skills from rehabilitation to tissue manipulation.  I believe in treating each individual in a holistic sense, taking great care to keep constant communication with what and how each person is feeling regarding not only their injury but also the tissues and movements associated with the injury.  I also have certifications in FMS Level II and Functional Range Release, coupled with FDM it has allowed me to work with injuries from many different angles.

Working in track and field has given me the ability to see and treat many elite athletes, including multiple Olympians, US Champions, and World Champions.  I have seen a wide variety of injuries, mobility restrictions, and tissue restrictions and I greatly enjoy the challenge of working through these setbacks that people face and achieving the goal of a better quality of movement and moving past the pain of an injury onto a better quality of living.  If you would like further information please feel free to contact me.

Mark A. Hinton

Telephone: 913.909.9202

Lower Region Certified