Timbre Downey, LMT

Timbre Downey is an Arkansas State Licensed Massage Therapist, graduating from Touching America School of Massage Signature Program in 2017. Her training consisted of over 500+ hours of lecture and hands-on training. She is Certified in Fascial Distortion Model, Deep Tissue, Neuromuscular, and Rocktape. She is dedicated to a creative approach to balancing the Mind and Body.

Her massage experience includes an array of venues due to her diversity of skills. She has experience in working in a successful Chiropractic Practice, Crossfit Box, as well as running her own sports massage business. She enjoys helping and serving many local athletes and crossfitters.

Timbre has helped many people reach their fitness goals through Sports Massage, Stretching, and Range of Motion. She has learned the importance of ambiance and professionalism and has polished her service to ensure that your EXPERIENCE will be therapeutic and beneficial.

Massage Vitality

1195 S. Harkrider St.
Conway, AR 72032

Telephone: (479) 209-0074

Website: www.sportsmassagevitality.com

Lower Region Certified