Elanita Korian, L.Ac, MSTOM, Dipl.O.M.

I am a California licensed and National Diplomat in acupuncture and Chinese medicine. I received my B.A. in psychology and minor in biology from Cal State Northridge and earned my Master’s of science in Traditional Oriental Medicine from the Pacific College of Oriental Medicine in San Diego.

As an acupuncturist I specialize in treating orthopedic injuries, sports rehabilitation, and acute and chronic pain.  Along with utilizing the Fascial Distortion Model, I use several other techniques to help manage and treat a patient’s symptoms such as acupuncture, dry needling, cupping, gua-sha (similar to the Graston Technique), and exercise. All which help to reduce pain, increase movement, and improve flexibility.

As a long time swimmer, triathlete, and lover of the outdoors, I truly enjoy helping people to become healthy, happy, and getting back to doing the activities they love.

Korian Acupuncture

Address: 1 Rio Vista Ave, Oakland CA 94611

Telephone: 510.210.3822

Website: www.KiaOraAcupuncture.com

Upper Region Certified