Michael Carey, DC

Dr. Michael Carey is the founder of Carey Chiropractic Spine & Sport Therapy. Prior to moving to San Diego he practiced in Maine, Massachusetts, and Colorado.

An athletic background as a multisport athlete from childhood into adulthood helped him have a greater understanding and appreciation for the importance of biomechanics and its relationship to sports-related injuries. Dr. Carey’s own history of multiple injuries led him down a path of learning to treat injuries in a conservative manner. From lower back pain to foot related issues, he never succeeded in finding the perfect solution for his own problems. These experiences were the catalyst motivating him to become an expert in foot mechanics as well in overall body functioning through chiropractic care. These experiences were crucial in developing him as a top level practitioner.

Carey Chiropractic Spine & Sport Therapy

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Telephone: 858.750.8665

Website: www.careychirocare.com

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