Todd Plutchok, DC, CCWP

Dr. Todd Plutchok is a chiropractor that specializes in sports injuries and performance optimization. He completed his Doctorate of Chiropractic from Life Chiropractic College West and has continued to enhance his degree by achieving additional post graduate certifications in Fascial Distortion Model, Active Release Technique, Fascial Taping, Myofascial Meridian, and Quantum Neurology Rehabilitation.

Dr. Plutchok is a University of San Diego Alumni, where he completed his bachelors degree. While attending USD, he played all 4 years with the NCAA Football program during their inaugural year in the Pioneer year league.  He is currently the team Chiropractic and Soft Tissue Specialist consultant, where he spends time working with the NCAA athletic teams.

“As an athlete, I understand the unique challenges and the physical demands on the body. I share the athlete’s “mindset”, the drive to push the limits of your body to achieve optimal performance. I also recognize the value for the body to heal at it’s maximum potential to maintain and restore function.”

His Clinic has developed a solid reputation in San Diego’s running and triathlon community, where he provides injury prevention lectures and workshops for many of the local running organizations. He has served a wide variety of professional and collegiate athletes, ranging from NFL, MLB, Olympic Track & Field and MMA.  

Dr. Plutchok enjoys spending time with his wife and their beautiful little girl.  He enjoys many activities, including functional training, kettle bell circuits, camping, running, and hiking.  He considers himself a culinary-adventurer and loves travel.

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