Judy Noteboom, PT, CLT

Judy has been a physical therapist for 25 years and has worked with various patient types.  She received her Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Illinois with a double major in Spanish and German, and later graduated from the University of Texas Southwestern Medical School with a degree in Physical Therapy.

Through the years, Judy has worked with pediatric patients at Cook Childrens and Child Study Center, worked in Outpatient Offices and most recently worked at Ethicus Hospital, which is a long-term acute-care facility.  At Ethicus Hospital, she worked with both inpatients and outpatients, and she set up and directed the outpatient Lymphedema/Edema Clinic for the hospital.

Judy has always had an affinity for a hands-on approach to treatment and has now directed her practice in that direction.  She has actively pursued continuing education to broaden the scope of her practice to better serve her patients, and she is currently working towards her doctorate degree.

Judy treats the patient with a full-body approach and treats not only the injured area, but also looks at the entire body to see if another area might have led to another area being injured.  She does a Postural Analysis and treats with a Total Body Balancing when needed.  Besides the Total Body Balancing, she is also certified in Fascial Distortion Technique, Graston Technique, and is a Rock Doc being certified with Levels I and II Rocktape training.  Judy performs Manual Manipulations for tissue releases, Dynamic Movement Assessments, Functional Movement Assessments and Rehabilitative and Corrective Exercises for her patients.

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