Jason Mavor, DC

Dr. Jason Mavor has returned to his roots in the Greater Boston area after training and practicing on the West Coast. He has great experience working with athletes of all ability levels, from weekend warriors, to professional and Olympic athletes. His goal is to quickly return patients to their recreational and functional activities.

Dr. Mavor was trained professionally at University of Western States in Portland, OR. He has worked with a number of professional sports physicians and brings a variety of soft tissue techniques such as the Graston Technique to his practice in addition to Diversified Adjusting. He is constantly striving to add more tools to his rehabilitation repertoire and will provide the solution that works best for you. Additionally, he has great experience with pregnant mothers helping ease the transition into motherhood. His affinity for treating the prenatal population began with his wife and Dr. Mavor developed a significant following among his patients and their spouses as he helped them navigate the aches and pains of pregnancy.

Dr. Mavor is a dedicated professional who believes in helping patients empower themselves with respect to their own health status. His personal motto is, “It is better to thrive rather than just survive.” His treatment goals are always centered on that basic tenet. His approach is very comprehensive and involves many aspects of his patients’ environment including posture, sleep, diet and exercise. He often works closely and collaboratively with other medical professionals to ensure his patients receive the best and most comprehensive care for their needs.

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