Katherine Hightower, DC

Katie has been with Performance Health Center in Las Vegas since 2008.  She grew up in an active family on a ranch in New Mexico. After earning a Bachelor’s degree in Animal Science at the University of Wyoming, she graduated from Southern California University of Health Sciences as a Doctor of Chiropractic Medicine.

An active person herself, Katie enjoys working with people of all ages to help them experience happy and active lives. Towards this end, she is constantly trying to improve her craft by attending seminars and conferences to learn new information and the latest research to provide the best care, customized for each patient’s needs. She uses an optimal combination of hands-on soft tissue techniques, such as FDM, chiropractic adjustments, biomechanical analysis, and rehabilitation exercises. She has successfully treated acute injuries and cumulative trauma injuries, but she prefers to identify and correct imbalances and sources of pain before they lead to serious injuries. Katie is dedicated to resolving problems with a minimum level of disruption to patients’ lives.

Katie has helped professional performers and dancers, athletes who range from recreational to professional, and those who simply have recurrent pain or have sustained injuries as a result of their daily lives. She has treated golfers, basketball players, football players, tennis players, cyclists, triathletes, runners, and boxers, just to name a few. Katie has also been the lead therapist to provide on-site care for shows on the Las Vegas Strip, including ‘Absinthe’, Britney Spears’ ‘Piece of Me’, ‘Veronic Voices’, ‘Vegas Nocturne’, ‘Mamma Mia’, ‘Dancing with the Stars’, Shania Twain’s ‘Still the One’, ‘Vegas the Show’, ‘Crazy Horse Paris’, Bette Midler’s  ‘The Showgirl Must Go On’, Cher, ‘Spamalot’, and ‘The Producers’. She also provides care in office for performers in ‘Rock of Ages’, ‘The Beatles Love’, ‘Peepshow’, ‘O’, ‘Fantasy’, ‘Jersey Boys’, ‘KA’, ‘La Reve’, ‘Donnie and Marie’, and ‘Human Nature’, among others.

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