Dr. Kyle L. Griffith

Dr. Kyle Griffith is a licensed chiropractor, movement specialist, and certified practitioner in many soft tissue modalities including acupuncture, dry needling, active release technique, and other forms of myofascial release. Dr. Griffith has a passion for helping individuals of all ages achieve their goals by improving their movement and performance. From athletes looking to perform better in their sport, to adults seeking pain-free activity, every individual’s goal is a priority and the driving force of the personalized program.

The initial visit begins with a thorough review of the patient’s history and objectives. Evaluations, including a movement assessment, are performed to identify the root cause of the symptoms presented. After the information gathered has been analyzed, Dr. Griffith will prepare an individualized program inclusive of therapies specific to the patient’s needs. Some of which include treatment for pain or mobility issues, corrective exercises, nutritional advice or recovery strategies. Each custom program is targeted to meet the personal goals set forth by the patient.

Motion is life, and life is motion.

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