Blake Wu, DC

As a movement specialist, Dr. Wu has a lofty goal, he wants to become the world’s leading expert in ‘Human Performance.” This means that he spends countless hours regularly collaborating with leading sport scientists, researchers and healthcare professionals for his continued pursuit of excellence in the field. With a lifetime interest and commitment to the understanding of human performance and ability, Dr. Wu is on a path of constant education and has pursued a prestigious career specializing in assessing and treating elite athletes through chiropractic care, manual therapy, strength and conditioning, and acupuncture. Dr. Wu’s base of knowledge allows him to help his clients optimize human movement and become the best athlete they can be.

Dr. Wu began his education by receiving a Bachelors’ of Physical and Health Education from the University of Toronto and furthering his studies at the Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College in 2009. This prepared Dr. Wu to become an integral member on the sports medicine team at a performance training center specializing in a movement based approach that focuses on preventing injuries, managing existing injuries, and enhancing performance. As his career has progressed, Dr. Wu continues to travel the country to gain further certifications and learn from the foremost experts in human movement and performance. This pursuit of education and excellence gives Dr. Wu the breadth and depth needed to provide his clients with the best, and sometimes cutting edge, techniques that they need to solve their unique movement and performance issues.

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2800 N I-35E
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