Richard E. Miller, DC, ART, FDM

Dr. Richard Miller has been a licensed chiropractor for the last 10 years and in that time has also become certified in Fascial Distortion Model (FDM), Active Release Technique (ART), McKenzie mechanical diagnostic and therapy, as well as training in assessing sports injuries. Originally from New Jersey, he worked as a personal trainer and physical therapy technician while studying for his undergraduate. He then transferred to Parker Chiropractic College in Dallas where he earned his Bachelor’s in Health and Wellness and received his Doctorate of Chiropractic License. After school, Dr. Miller has had the privilege of working in San Antonio where he was able to treat the track and field team at the University of the Incarnate Word as well as non-athletes while gaining valuable experience as a clinic coordinator. He then moved to Austin and was able to treat the large athletic community there.

Dr. Miller treats athletes so well because he himself is a very active person and has been his entire life. He played sports in high school and college and worked as a personal trainer as well. He has also competed in several triathlons, marathons, golf tournaments, crossfit competitions and is completed the Ironman Boulder in 2014. His approach to chiropractic has always been a “whole body” approach. He believes in “fixing” the body from the inside, out. He wants to not only treat the immediate symptoms, but focus on making the entire body well with muscle work, massage, proper nutrition, exercise, and vitamins. Dr. Miller is also a family man. He is married to his beautiful wife Carey with 4 kids and they are expecting a baby boy in June of 2016.

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