Thomas Amsden

With more than 22 years of combined experiences in the field of heath/wellbeing and strengthening and conditioning,  I have facilitated the rehabilitation and reestablishing of literally hundreds of clients and athletes back into the game of life during my career. Enabling athletes in numerous sports to maximize their athletic potential while simultaneously reducing their risk of injury by using the most effective and unique evaluation process available in the Tennessee Valley.

Through various innovative methods, I have been able to make dramatic improvements in an athlete’s balance, flexibility, stamina, speed, power, agility, coordination, and body composition. All of the programs I create, are highly individualized and centered on life-long learning.

I educate myself continuously to remain at the top of my respective industry. Using the principles from courses I teach, I expand upon them in my positions as wellness consultant and a life health coach. In turn, I am able to teach the people I work with to ingrain these lessons into their lifestyle and create a better balance in their respective lives.

My Philosophy and mission statement is this, I believe that the best coaches that people in general will ever come into contact with as well as athletes that ever get to play for and remember these coaches, are those who know themselves, their players and clients.

Exceptional coaches adapt their coaching style to the personality of their client, patient or athlete to ultimately draw out the best in each person.

This best describes myself, Thomas Amsden.

Thomas Amsden

Phone: (256) 947-4918

Lower Region Certified
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