My FDM Experience

The new year has been exciting for me so far. I started teaching with FDM in October of 2016 and had the privilege to work with two more outstanding organizations and their skilled professionals in January.

First the FDM team headed to The University of Arizona where we worked with athletic training staff from the University and some private individuals. The dynamic of this seminar was amazing. There were people in attendance with different backgrounds, treatment philosophies and experience. This was the first seminar the FDM group has used a new, and totally unique way to enhance the participants experience at the seminar. You have to attend to see it, but lets just say that everyone has a chance to have a front row seat!

Next we headed to Surprise, AZ to the home of some of the best MLB spring training facilities in the country. This full-body seminar was privately hosted by the Kansas City Royals. However, they were kind enough to allow some of their colleagues from other organizations like the Texas Rangers, Oakland A’s and the Milwaukee Brewers to join us. Many of the attendees had been exposed to the FDM previously so the dynamic of the course was different than I had experienced previously. These guys were sharpening their skills to maintain million dollar pieces of human machinery. They truly are the best.

It was at the Royals training facility where the members of the FDM training team had some time to play with the musculoskeletal ultrasound. We used the ultrasound to view Dr. Hummel’s right quadriceps where we could visualize the rectus femoris. It was obvious we made changes to the soft-tissues in a very short period of time. It was awesome to see a structure change shape as the model was applied to it. I am confident this technology may one day help us uncover more distortion types or even help us confirm the body language and treatment connections. I am hopeful we as a group of FDM providers can come together to make this happen.

Being a part of the seminar experience has been invaluable to me. Progressing from being an attendee to becoming an instructor has been a life changing experience. I have had an amazing opportunity to meet so many great new people, all with a similar mind-set and making so many valuable multi-professional connections I learn so much each time from the other FDM team members and the attendees. Looking forward to my next FDM teaching experience and having the opportunity to meet every single FDM provider on the planet!

– Everett Johnson