Fascial Distortion Model – The Living Manual

The Living Manual is included with all seminars. It all begins with the Online FDM Principles Course. The FDM Principles Course is required prior to you attending one of the FDM hands-on seminars.

  • Consists of 15 lessons.
  • You will have some quizzes along the way and need to get at least a 80% grade before continuing. You can only take each quiz 3 times so make sure you study.
  • The system will track your progress, if you need to stop the course at any time, the system will show you where you left off.
  • Once you finish the course you will be able to jump around all the lessons in any order you prefer.

Once you finish the hands-on seminar your manual will have all of the dynamic content activated for your region of study. The Living Manual is a comprehensive and interactive diagnostic tool for reinforcing the training learned at your seminar. Best of all, it works on any web enabled device, and is included with your seminar registration.

The Living Manual also has the FDM Neuro Course and the FDM Advanced Clinical Course available with the new seminars. All of the Neuro and Advanced Clinical Treatments are activating after finishing the seminars.

Feel free to email or call us if you have any questions about The Living Manual.

Why is it called The Living Manual?
It’s because it’s always changing and improving, like the FDM providers who use it.


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