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Carpel Tunnel Syndrome

Although it might seem that carpal tunnel syndrome is a condition born from long hours spent working on a computer keyboard, carpal tunnel syndrome actually has numerous causes.

Bound by bones and ligaments, the carpal tunnel is a narrow passageway — about as big around as your thumb — located on the palm side of your wrist. This tunnel protects the median nerve that supplies feeling and movement to the palm side of the hand. Pressure placed on the nerve produces the numbness, pain and, eventually, hand weakness that characterize carpal tunnel syndrome.

Provider Note: We treat carpal tunnel syndrome like any other muscle/tendon overuse injury. Since most of the compression is coming from the thickened, irritated tendons in the forearm and wrist, we can utilize FDM to decrease the irritation and break down the restricted tissue to allow decreased tension in the area of the carpal tunnel. Stretching and rehabilitative exercises are also taught. Decreased pain and tingling is usually seen in the first couple of treatments. Our treatment is a great alternative before surgery should be considered.

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