What is FDM™ to Manual Therapists?

Fascial Distortion Model is the missing tool box that gives you a reproducible approach to all soft tissue injuries. Discover what FDM can do to improve your confidence and outcomes.

Take FDM™ to the Next Level

FDM™ Advanced Clinical Seminars, FDM™ Neuro Workshops, FDM™ Memberships, and FDM™ Echo Seminars. It’s time to take your Fascial Distortion Model skills to the next level.

Sports Teams & Universities

We can train your group at your facility or ours. All size groups and custom training for your sports makes Fascial Distortion Model your missing solution for athletic injuries and rehabilitation.

FDM Education 2.0 - Online

All you need is a device, internet connection, and someone to practice on. Learn the Fascial Distortion Model in the convenience of your home or office.

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Where Can I Learn Fascial Distortion Model?

There are many ways to learn the Fascial Distortion Model.

The FDM Training Facility is the best place to learn the Fascial Distortion Model. It is located in beautiful Colorado Springs, Colorado. Just a short drive from COS airport.

Our FDM Regional Seminars are targeted to key geographic locations across the US and Canada.

For anyone who prefers learning online, FDM Education gives you the ability to learn what you want, when you want.  All you need is a device, internet connection, and someone to practice on.

If you have access to a location that can accommodate you and some fellow students, contact us about hosting your own FDM Hosted Seminar. You provide the location and we do the rest.

We also love to bring FDM to you, if you have a group of people who want to learn. Sport teams, medical groups, state medical associations, or just you and 10 of your closest friends. Give us a call to find out more about our FDM Private Seminars.

Finally, if you are a FDM provider and want to refine your skills, sign up for the FDM Echo Seminar, low cost, high competence.

  • FDM™ Training Facility - Colorado

    Located in beautiful Colorado Springs, CO. Monthly rotating schedules for your convenience. Private and group seminars scheduled as needed.

  • FDM™ Regional Seminars

    Hosted in key regions in the US and Canada. Traditional seminars hosted at a facility or conference center.

  • FDM™ Education 2.0

    Available online 24/7. All you need is a device, internet connection, and someone to practice on.

  • FDM™ Hosted Seminars

    If you have the space and would like to host your own FDM Hosted Seminar, give us a call to learn more.

  • FDM™ Private Seminars

    Athletic groups, medical groups, large practices, educational or state organizations. We bring everything to you. Contact us for more information about FDM Private Seminars.

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What people say about Fascial Distortion Model

FDM offers practitioners a very simple, intuitive diagnostic and treatment capability that is specific and gets right to the heart of the problem. That is extremely important when faced with treating multiple athletes in a short period of time.

The big thing for us is that the athlete knows their body really well and can articulate a presentation; we just treat it accordingly. I also think the long bone Folding Distortions are valuable for the everyday grind we experience, and that’s not a technique you learn anywhere else. The Continuum Distortion is a valuable tool that is very different from anything we’ve been taught. The bottom line is that we’re a results-oriented business and FDM gets results.

Staying on the cutting edge is tough. FDM provides a framework for resolving injuries in a manner that is quick, reliable, and reproducible so that our athletes can keep doing what they love.

FDM brings together a variety of soft-tissue skills into one approach instead of a dogmatic, one-technique-fits-all. The instructors truly want to make sure you understand the approach.