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Fascial Distortion Model Neuro

In-depth study and approach to treating peripheral nerve compression neuropathies
The FDM Neuro Course starts with a review of the peripheral nervous system anatomy and pathways and will continue with detailed descriptions of individual nerve pathways and common areas of concern. The majority of the course will be spent locating and palpating peripheral nerves and manipulating the fascia surrounding them. Specific conditions for each nerve will be addressed.

Locating & Palpating

Our teaching approach is very interactive. This course is not intended to be a review of the FDM Principles. The goal is to enhance your ability to confidently address and manage conditions associated with the peripheral nerves within the FDM.

Objective Outcomes

The FDM Online Neuro Course is an in-depth study and approach to treating peripheral nerve compression neuropathies. Essentially, any peripheral nerve in several of its locations throughout its pathway can become compressed by surrounding fascia, trapping it in the soft-tissues. The FDM approach will teach you to identify the location(s) of involvement using body language and verbal descriptors and to apply the appropriate correction, while focusing on objective outcome measures.

Once you have completed this course you will immediately possess the general knowledge and skill to correctly identify and treat Neuro complaints in your office. Your new understanding of what to treat will have an entirely new confidence behind it! As you practice within this Model, your assessment and palpation skills will naturally improve because your identification of why you’re treating a particular area will be directly correlated to how. Your added security will be in the state-of-art online training manual we will provide for you as well as access to our Instructors and communication portals.

Fascial Distortion Model Neuro Course

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