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C. Tyrel Hummel, DC

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C. Tyrel Hummel, DC

In 2007, Dr. Hummel left his practice in Texas to establish BlueChip Spine as the premier soft-tissue based practice in the Wichita area. His prior training with some of the top myofascial therapists, chiropractors and orthopedic surgeons in the DFW area helped galvanize the vision that holds BlueChip to the highest of expectations.

The belief that every patient knows his or her own body better than any ‘doctor’ is the key component in unraveling every individual’s ailment. Dr. Hummel has spent his entire professional career interpreting what each patient needs as opposed to following the status quo. His understanding of anatomy, biomechanics and the myofascial system is the basis of pursuit in establishing a results-based atmosphere for the BlueChip Spine Team and their patients.

Dr. Hummel is a consultant to numerous professional sports teams (MLB, NBA, NFL, NHL, MLS) as well as multiple NCAA Division 1 athletic programs. When he is not in the clinic, Dr. Hummel is usually on the road working with a team, an athlete, or training various sports medicine staff in the same treatment Model utilized by the BlueChip Spine Team.

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8336, East 21st Street North, Minneha, Wichita, Sedgwick County, Kansas, 67206, United States

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