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Dr. Christina Zandi

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Dr. Christina Zandi

My name is Dr. Christina Zandi. I am a proud native of Colorado, and a graduate of Logan University in St. Louis, MO. I have been a practicing chiropractor in Denver, Colorado, for several years. I am full body certified in the Fascial Distortion Model, and I run a family practice in South Denver. I treat patients ranging from day-old infants to elite athletes. I treat my patients using several techniques, including the FDM, manual adjustment techniques, Logan Basic techniques, and I have special training in pre-natal chiropractic techniques for women.

During my clinical experience at Logan, I am proud to say I was chosen among my classmates to be a Senior Intern in the BioFreeze Sports and Rehabilitation Center®. In the BioFreeze clinic, I had the opportunity to treat patients from the inner-city population, underserved patient bases, student-athletes from the University of Missouri, and the general public as well.

While in the BioFreeze clinic, I gained a special interest in treating specific extremity issues in athletes using the Fascial Distortion Model.
In my free time, I enjoy being in Colorado outdoors and spending time with my dogs, Link and Ollie, and most especially our daughter Lily.

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Zandi Chiro
2750, South Wadsworth Boulevard, Denver, Colorado, 80227, United States

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