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Jerad Howell DC

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Jerad Howell DC

Dr. Howell has been a practicing chiropractor for 15 years. After graduating High School he attended Columbia Basin College and then Eastern Washington University. While in the Exercise Science program at EWU he made the decision to become a Chiropractor. Dr. Howell attended Parker College of Chiropractic in Dallas, Tx and graduated in January of 2010. While at Parker Dr. Howell spent his last semester in Bogota, Colombia working with the Colombian Olympic Athletes as they trained at the Olympic training center. Dr. Howell was also a treating provider at the 2013 Crossfit Central East Regional Qualifier, 2013 Crossfit South Central Regional Qualifier, 2013 Crossfit Games and the 2014 Crossfit South Central Regional Qualifier. In addition to the professional Crossfit Athletes, Dr. Howell has experience treating athletes in the NFL, IFL, NHL, WHL and NCAA. Dr. Howell is one of the only providers certified in the Fascial Distortion Model here in the Northeast Texas. Through the Fascial Distortion Model he is able to Find the cause of pain and fix it fast. Here is a brief explanation of FDM. The fascial distortion model (FDM) is an anatomical perspective in which the under lying etiology of virtually every musculoskeletal injury (and many neurological and medical conditions as well) is considered to be compromised of one or more of six specific pathological alterations of the body’s connective tissues (fascial bands, ligaments, tendons, retinacula, etc.). This model not only allows for strikingly effective manipulation treatments for diverse afflictions such as pulled muscles and frozen shoulders, but the results are objective, obvious, measurable and immediate.

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