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William-Tracy Byarlay

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William-Tracy Byarlay

My passion for helping people began at a young age, alongside my deep-seated interest in health and fitness. I embarked on my educational journey at Emporia State, where I pursued psychology and athletic training.

At the age of 20, I entered the fitness industry as a trainer. However, it was my personal experiences with injuries that drove me to become dedicated to assisting others in their recovery journey. Understanding the challenges of being an athlete unable to pursue their passion, I enrolled at Heritage College to study Medical and Therapeutic massage, focusing on injury prevention and care.

It was one of my personal trainers who opened my eyes to the transformative power of Fascial tissue work. Since that enlightening moment, I’ve been on a personal mission to absorb as much knowledge as possible in this field.

A pivotal moment in my life came with a Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI), profoundly altering my perspective on healing. This experience led me down new paths of understanding, revealing a broader and more holistic approach to healing.

Through my own journey, I gained insight into the intricate connection between the mind and the body in the healing process. I learned that when we experience prolonged emotional distress, our physical well-being can be affected, just as chronic pain and persistent issues can impact our mental and emotional health. A powerful connection of just how integrated our connective/fascial tissue truly is in that it holds memory!

Over the past two decades, my education has been a blend of professional expertise and personal healing experiences. These years of learning have been instrumental in shaping my understanding of healing.

Driven by my curiosity about the mind-body connection, I explored uncharted territories. I underwent training as a Shamanic Healer and became a teacher of Universal Kabbalah. I am also proud to serve as a teacher for Kabbalah Experience in Denver, CO.

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