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Fascial Distortion Model® Strategic Partners

Human Locomotion

“Innovative products for Clinicians and Athletes”
Their products are designed for people who want to build strength, improve form, and prevent injuries, and for busy healthcare professionals looking for state-of-the-art examination techniques and tools.

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Spark Motion

Motion Analysis at Your Fingertips

Spark Motion for iPad was built out of necessity by professionals in the fields or sports medicine and performance. The Spark Pro platform is the only motion analysis system powerful enough for industry leading professionals and organizations, yet accessible to all.

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Go stronger longer

Unlike other kinesiology tapes made for rehabilitation, Rocktape was created in the heat of competition. We knew first hand that medical tape would fail under race conditions so we developed a lab in the Santa Cruz mountains where we could test our product until it meet our standards.

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International Fascial Distortion Model Organization

The International FDM Organisation (IFDMO) was founded in 2012 after the untimely death of Stephen Typaldos, set itself the task of training FDM instructors to raise the profile of the fascial distortion model for therapists and patients in Europe.

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