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FDM Hybrid Learning

Online & Hands-on, your best educational solution!
FDM Hybrid Learning
What is FDM Hybrid Learning?
Here is everything you need to know. With the rise of education technology, FDM has adopted online methods that diverge from the traditional in-person seminars. Giving you the advantage of learning the FDM Principles, online and at your own pace. Mastering the distortions and body language and basic FDM treatments.
After completing the online course you can register for one of the FDM Hands-on workshops. The FDM Hands-on Workshops are 1 1/2 days of instructor lead mastering of your palpation and treatment methods. Bring your questions and hard cases and challenge our instructors. The goal of the hands-on workshop is to reinforce the principles and give you total confidence with your treatments and outcomes.
“ Online education & in-person reinforcement, the fastest way to on-board new employees for our training staff “
Step 1 - FDM Principles Online Courses
Your first step in learning FDM. We start with the foundation of the FDM principles and progressively build through all of the distortions, using video and text tutorials following the best teaching practices. This allows you to take the course in comfort wherever you are and at your own pace. You just need a device, an internet connection and someone to practice on.
Step 2 - FDM Principles Hands-on Workshop
Weekend (1 1/2 day), in-person, hands-on training. Here we will fine-tune your knowledge of the basic principles and expose you to the power of correctly identifying and treating musculoskeletal complaints as they relate to FDM. Special attention will be emphasized on teaching you how to properly administer the basic manual treatment portion of our Model. You will also have the opportunity to feel what it is like to be treated within FDM and practice the manual portions in detail with our instructors.
Step 3 - FDM Advanced Clinical Online Course
The Advanced Clinical Online Course takes a deeper look into the clinical application and practice of FDM. We have used the best online teaching practices through a combination of video and text tutorials to give you the best learning experience. We start with a quick review of fascia and the principles of FDM. The remaining sections of the course take you on a mind-blowing journey through some common clinical treatment sequences with new methods and distortion treatment techniques.
Step 4 - FDM Advanced Clinical Hands-on Workshop
Here we will discuss and demonstrate the ‘when and how’ to address the common, complex and unique clinical cases. Adaptations to patient positioning, modifications to hand placement as well as exposing the most-common treatment algorithms for some of the most common cases. Now that you know how to identify and address each of the distortions we can show you how to apply the Model the way it was intended.
Step 5 - FDM Neuro Online Course
The FDM Neuro Online Course starts with a review of the peripheral nervous system anatomy and pathways and will continue with detailed descriptions of individual nerve pathways and common areas of concern. The majority of the course will be spent locating and palpating peripheral nerves and manipulating the fascia surrounding them. Specific conditions for each nerve will be addressed.
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