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Jay Ferguson, Xtomic, LLC and Select Seminar Services, LLC (FDM) Victorious

COLORADO SRINGS, July 17, 2015 – After a two-week jury trial and almost 20 months of intense litigation, Jay Ferguson, Xtomic LLC, and Select Seminar Services, LLC (FDM) prevailed against the ART Companies.  The jury found against the ART Companies on each of their 32 claims.

The jury also awarded Xtomic and FDM a judgment for $1,530,000 against the ART Companies for abusing the legal system to coerce and intimidate Xtomic, FDM, and their customers. The jury also found that the ART Companies do not possess any of the trade secrets they claimed.

The preliminary injunction against Xtomic LLC against using its Electronic Health Records (EHR) software was lifted by the judge. Xtomic may now market and sell its EHR software.

We are extremely grateful for all of you who stood with us through this very difficult time.  We look forward to getting back to business.

About Xtomic, LLC
Colorado Springs-based Xtomic, LLC is an innovator in web based applications, including their flag ship application PerformanceEHR. PerformanceEHR is a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) based electronic health records application which runs on any web browser. For more information about Xtomic or PerformanceEHR, please visit

About Select Seminar Services, LLC
Colorado Springs-based Select Seminar Services, LLC is a leader in post graduate medical seminar training. Managing the Fascial Distortion Model seminars throughout the United States and Canada. For more information about Select Seminar Services or The Fascial Distortion Model, please visit

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President, Xtomic, LLC

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President, Fascial Distortion Model

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