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Sciatic Nerve


Sciatic nerve leaves the greater sciatic notch and emerges on the inferior aspect of the piriformis muscle. It crosses superficial to the small external rotators of the femur, lateral to the ischial tuberosity and deep to the hamstring muscles as it descends the thigh. In the superior aspect of the popliteal fossa it splits into the tibial and fibular nerves.


Check for tenderness and nerve motion along the pathway. Check for abrupt or stiff movement of the nerve and positive patient response.


Single thumb plucking – Pull the sciatic nerve medially, pull the sciatic nerve laterally

Double thumb – Pull the sciatic nerve medially use opposite thumb to pull the tissues lateral to the nerve laterally. Pull the sciatic nerve laterally and use the opposite thumb to pull the tissues medial to the nerve medially.



Fascial Distortion Model®